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Styling Short Hair With Barrettes


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Barrettes are one of the best hairstyling products that is liked by most of the people. The barrettes are available in different types along with various sizes and shapes. It is normally used for styling the hair that is medium to long, but with some effort they can also look attractive with short hair.
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The first option of styling short hair is with the small barrette which is normally used over the bangs and other parts of your hair. The bangs can be kept short or long depending upon your hairstyle. If you are trying to sweep the entire nags over the back of your head, try to mist it with the hairspray and slide the barrette in to it to keep it in place. Avoid using the spray over the barrette as it can make it slippery. To maintain the bangs flat, first mist the bangs with the spray and insert the barrette gently in its original place to prevent the bangs from falling in front of your face. You can also use bobby pins along with the barrette to style your hair in this way. Make sure that the bobby pins are placed under your hair, so they will be become invisible. It is possible to add other type of hair pins than using the normal bobby pins to make your hairstyle look attractive and hair clips can also be a good choice for short hair.

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