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Using Framesi To Color Your Hair


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Framesi is a hair coloring product that can be used on the hair to change its color by sitting at home. It has been specially developed with a special formula that makes the color stay on your hair for a longer time when compared to other similar coloring product.
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First purchase the suitable Framesi hair coloring product and follow the instruction mentioned on the label. Then mix the product in a bowl by following the instructions and don’t forget to do a strand test before applying it over entire hair. Leave the color over your hair for about 15 minutes during the strand test. After the successful hair strand test cover the shoulder with a towel and wear hand gloves. Now take the hair color in an applicator bottle and mix the developing solution. Try to apply the mixture over your hair and check the entire hair that it has been covered with the color completely. Cover the hair with plastic cap and let the color to dry over your hair as per the time mentioned on the kit. Normally the time maximum of half an hour or leave it little longer to achieve a darker hair color. At last wash the hair and apply a hair conditioner over your hair. Leave the hair once again for five minutes and rinse it again before drying it with a towel to end the coloring process.

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