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Ways To Lock Your Short Hair At Home


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Locking the short hair is a simple process that is normally done by a hairstylist, but the same can be done at home with some additional steps. The hair locking method is known to be the most simple and easy way of creating dreads in your hair. Just follow this technique to achieve the look on any type of hair. But make sure to twist the hair on regular basis to create the complete lock look. The hair must be about 2 inches long to achieve this hairstyle without any difficulty.
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First make sections in your hair using rat-tail comb and keep them separately using hair band. Spread a little amount of wax over the hair section and start twisting it with the help of a wide-tooth hair brush. If possible use your finger to do the same which can make the hairstyling much easier. Make sure that each of your hair section has been twisted in the same way. Next divided your twisted hair section into half from root to end of the hair and separate the same hair section once again into half. Try to twist both divided hair together. Do the same with the other hair sections and move from top to end of the hair. Use a rubber band which is snag free to secure the locks in place and use the same method on the other parts of your hair.

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