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Styling Your Sisterlocks Using Nappylocs Tool


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Sisterlocks is a hairstyle that looks just like the dreadlocks, but it is created with the help of threads. In this hairstyle, the hair must be locked evenly till it grows long in a perfect shape. You can create this hairstyle with various styling methods and tools, but did you know that it can also be done with a Nappyloc tool. Just follow this simple method to redo your sisterlocks hairstyle with the help of this Nappylocs tool and the same can be done in your future hairstyling process as well.
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First try to thread the locks end in the Nappyloc tools widest part and pull end of your lock inside your Nappyloc tool which must be about half long before pushing it in the smaller part of your tool. Try to pinch end of your lock using the loose part of your lock and insert end of your Nappyloc tool which looks like a needle into middle of newly grown lock. Start pushing Nappyloc tool towards your scalp over the newly grown hair of your sisterlock and pinch end of your lock using the same tool just like pushing it through.  Try to push your tool through your new hair growth using your one hand and try to pull it using the other hand. Now pinch it using your fingers at the end of sisterlock along with the tool to end the styling.

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