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Straightening Hair Without Losing Silky Look


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Having a straight hair can give a simple as well as interesting look. Most of the people use chemical products to make their hair straight which can make it look dull. There are ways that can help to make your hair straight without losing its silky look.
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First make sure to condition the hair deeply and apply a small amount of thermal heat protectant gel all over the hair. Then make a section in your hair one over the top and another one at the bottom. Now pull out one inch hair section for working it with the relaxer. Make sure to work in one section of hair at one time and also use only smaller hair sections. Try to hold your hair straightener tightly using your hands and grip them over the top part of the hair section in a swift motion. Continue this process and gently move towards the end of your hair shaft. Use the simple technique on the remaining hair parts over your head. At last apply a small amount of serum in your hands and work it through the hair with the help of your both hands. Try to make the hair smooth using the serum and concentrate mainly at the end of your hair. The serum will make your hair look silky as well as shiny which can stay for a long time during the day.

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