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Coloring Your Hair With Sharpies


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Sharpies are one of the most effective way of coloring your synthetic hair. You will be able to color the synthetic hair in variety of color as it is available with different color options. It is very easy to apply the sharpies over synthetic hair to make it look real as well as fake. Before starting the coloring process you must purchase few items such as hand gloves, permanent markers, needle-nosed pliers, rubbing alcohol and spray bottle.
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To use the sharpies over your hair, first you must wear hand gloves and take the sharpies out of the box. Try to take felt from inside marker with the help of needle-nosed pliers. Remove each packet of the sharpies from different boxes. Next take a rubbing alcohol in the bottle and try to leave one inch space on top of your bottle to place the felts. Now keep the felts inside your bottle which contains the alcohol and leave it to soak for one hour. Place the synthetic hair over a stand to start the coloring process. Try to cover the area in which you are going to keep your synthetic hair to prevent it from coloring. Just use the bottle to mist the color over the synthetic hair and make sure that your entire hair gets covered with it. Leave it to dry for some time and you can mist the hair again if required.

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