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Taking Care Of Hair After Using Roller


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The roller set hairstyle is the most unique way of styling your hair which will give beautiful curls all over the hair. Most of the people use the rollers to create the hairstyle, but it is very important to know how to maintain the roller set hair once you have followed this styling method. Whichever roller you use larger rollers for big curls and smaller rollers for small curls in your hair, try to follow these steps finally.
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Try to select the suitable roller size for creating the curls in your hair as it will determine the size of the curls you are going to achieve after the styling process. Once you have applied the roller over your hair, just follow the instructions to get it set properly. Once you taken the rollers out of your hair, you can see that it will not look even all over except the curly base. Now use your hands to style the hair as usual which will help to relax the curls slightly. Try to brush the hair with fingers immediately after removing the rollers out of your hair. While styling the curls at the side of the head, just use your fingers to twist it gently away from your head. Try to keep on working with your fingers till all of them get blended together. At last use a hairspray all over the curls which will help them to stay in place for a long time.

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