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Styling Your Hair With Lye Relaxer


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Lye relaxer is a hair straightening tool that is mostly used on Afro-American hair. This tool must be used only after consulting a hair specialist to prevent any kind of damage to your hair. If you use it without having any idea, it can damage both hair and your scalp. There is also another relaxer known as no lye relaxer that is completely different from the lye relaxer. Both these are chemical hair relaxers that must be used with extra caution to prevent damage in your hair.
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The lye relaxer is also called as sodium hydroxide relaxer which is considered to be .strongest among the chemical hair relaxers. This hair relaxer features pH 10-14 which make it difficult to use on the hair without any precautionary measures. The pH with high quantity will make the hair straight very fast and in the same it can also cause damage to your hair if you don’t use it in a proper way. The lye relaxer doesn’t need to follow any type of activation step which is normally done with the no lye relaxer and it can be applied directly over the hair. This relaxer is can be used more than once by storing it in a safer place at home. Always consult a hairstylist while using any type of relaxer on your hair for making it straight without getting into any sort of trouble.

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