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Highlighting Your Hair With Clairol Frost


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Clairol frost is a highlighting kit which can be used to color your hair at home. This product is available with special instruction about using it in a proper way and it must be followed without fail to make the hair look beautiful. Always start the coloring over a clean hair and don’t forget to wash the hair a day before the coloring process.
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First cover the shoulder with a waste cloth to prevent the hair from falling on the floor. Then keep the plastic cap over the head and wear hand gloves before proceeding with the styling process. Next pull your hair through holes on the plastic cap using the plastic hook gently and the thickness of the strands pulled depends on the color your want to highlight the hair. Take the lightening activator powder in a bowl and mix it with the developing creme. Start applying the mixture over the hair strands that was pulled out of the cap holes and leave it on the hair as per the time mentioned on the kit. If you apply the color on a wet hair it will look dark than actually it is, so make sure the hair is completely dry. At last rinse the entire hair with normal water without taking the plastic cap out of your head. After rinsing you can remove the cap and apply the moisturizing cream from the kit over your hair before rinsing it again after 5 minutes.

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