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Ways To Make Short Hair Grow Out


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Making your short hair to grow out is not an easy process as you must stay patience during this time. Most of the time the hair only grows half inch in thirty days, but you can slightly improve this process b following this simple method. Even though there is no exact solution for the fast hair growth, you will be able to maintain it healthy during this process.
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Apply a good hair conditioner that can make your hair grow healthy and stay away from chemical product such as a bleach and hair relaxers as they can damage the hair. You must also avoid using other heat styling products such as a curling iron, blow dryer flat iron and more. Try to use heat protection hairspray over the hair if you really want to use the heat styling tools over the hair. Go to a hairstylist at least once in two months to cut the hair to prevent split ends. Tell the hairstylist to cut just the ends of your hair to avoid short haircut. Another option is styling the short hair with barrettes and headbands. Most of the time the hair will start to grow long in different places of your head if you have done a particular haircut such as pixie, so wear these products o make the hair look attractive. You can also cover the short hair with a hat.

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