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Styling Your Bob Using A Roller


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Bob is a beautiful way of styling your hair and it can be styled with the help of different tools. A roller is one of the best options for styling the bob which can make it look more volumized and also sleek. Here is a way to use the roller on your bob without spoiling the look of your hairstyle.
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Begin the styling by shampoo washing your hair and don’t forget to apply a hair conditioner throughout your hair to make the process easy. Then apply a little amount of lotion over the hair from your scalp and gently move towards the hair ends. Now comb the hair using wide-toothed brush to remove any tangles and make a simple part in front of the head using the rat-tail brush. Make a section in your hair which must be suitable for using it with the roller. Take the roller to roll it in your hair from the ends and move it towards your scalp. Maintain a smooth structure as the rollers over the hair and secure them perfectly in place. Then use the hooded dryer to make the hair dry with the rollers on and leave it for about half an hour to one hour. Try to use the hooded dryer with medium heat setting to prevent damage to your bob hair. Once the hair becomes dry take the rollers out of it and comb it using paddle brush.

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