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Color Hair Using Food Color Gel And Peroxide


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Food Color and peroxide are two different products that can used to change the color of your hair. You must follow the correct technique to change the hair color by using these two products. This process doesn’t involve any kind of chemicals which makes it the safest way of coloring your hair. Anyone can color their hair by sitting at home with the help of these two products.
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Start the coloring process with a clean hair and try to make the hair straight which will simplify your process. First cover your shoulder with cloth and take the spray bottle which must contain peroxide in it. Now mix equal amount of water into the spray bottle and mist it all over the hair. Wear hand gloves before proceeding with the coloring process to prevent damage to your skin. Leave the hair with the spray for about fifteen minutes and get the entire hair rinsed with normal water. You can use moisturizing shampoo while rinsing your hair and apply a hair conditioner after this. Once the hair becomes dry, take the food color gel in the bowl. Use your fingers to spread the gel all over your hair from top to bottom. Once you have covered the entire hair with food color gel, leave it on for a day before rinsing it with normal water. To get a rich look, leave the gel for a long time in your hair.

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