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Steps For Thinning Out A Wig


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A wig is normally available in different styles as well as colors. Most of the wigs have been made to be directly used on the head without any adjustments. But if you want to make some changes to your wig it can be done at home. Many people will normally color the wig or cut the wig to make it look thin. If you are planning to thin out your wig, it can be done by following these simple steps.
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Before thinning out your wig, place it over the head to check in a mirror which part of the wig looks thick. Then make a simple part in the wig and use the comb for pressing it against your scalp. Try to move your hair from the front part of your wig to back and secure it with the help of clip. Now keep the hair section in front of the head between the fingers and try to enter the thinning shears into it. You can just use move shears close to your hair root to cut the full strands and once you have finished the cutting process keep the section between your fingers. Next comb the hair section in the hands and do the same all over the wig to get the thinning process done. At last brush your entire wig and see if there are any flyaways that can be adjusted with the shears.

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