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Dorothy Hairstyle


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Dorothy hairstyle has been very popular among girls as it was worn in the Wizard of Oz movie by Judy Garland in 1939. Most of the little girls have been fond of this hairstyle from a very long period. It is easy to get this type of hairstyle on any kind of hair.
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First mist the entire hair with detangling hairspray and brush it from top to end. Now keep end of your brush near the center of your hairline and comb it vertically at the back of your head near the crown by moving gently till nape of your neck. Next part your hair into two sections and secure one part in place using a hair clip. Now you can take one inch hair piece from the loose hair part and try to twist it towards inward till you reach the scalp. Divide your hair as 3 parts and make your twisted hair into one single part. Then make other two hair sections from your remaining hair which will be left with three hair sections. Start braiding your hair till the end and secure it using hair tie. At last keep your remaining hair under hair tie and clamp it using a curling iron. Gently pull the curling iron towards the hair ends and wind it after holding it for 5 seconds before taking it out of your hair. Use ribbons to rope it around hair tie.

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