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Steps To Create Braid Within Braid


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Creating a braid within braid is a unique way of styling the hair that only features a simple hairstyling process. This hairstyle can look complicated to create, but anyone can achieve it with few simple styling steps. It is also very easy to manage just like a normal hair braid. There are also celebrities who style their hair in the same way. The hairstyle can be created with any type of hair whether it is medium or long and use extensions if you have short hair.
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Start the styling from left side of your head to add the braids together. Try to leave few section of hair over the top of your head which can be used for the finishing purpose. Now create a simple looking French braid over the head on one side of the head and secure it using an elastic and do the same on the other side of the head. Next take two sections from middle of your braid and include both of them together just like creating a new braid. Make sure to tuck any loose hair under the elastic used to secure your hair to make the hairstyle look neat. You can use the bobby pins to keep the loose hair in place. Once you have added two braids together, the finishing touch is very important. Use the hair that was left loose in the beginning to style it as per your wish to make the entire hairstyle look unique.

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