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Securing Hair Weave Before Sleeping


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Hair weaves are the best option to maintain your hair look full and silky. The hair weaves are usually applied over the hair with a glue or you can weave it into braids. Maintaining your hair weaves can be difficult for most of the people and mainly when you are going to bed in the night. Here is a simple method to secure your weave with a tie at night. You can use a scarf to use this method over the weaves and it can help to maintain them safely.
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First mist the hair using a oil hairspray which can be useful in preventing tangles in your hair weaves. Next pull the entire hair at the back of your head to create a simple ponytail and secure it with a tie. You can also create a bun and secure it with the hair tie. Now you can go to bed with the hair secure behind your head carefully. Another option is covering the hair weaves with silk scarf for folding it like a triangle. Keep one of the triangle edge over the head and this will cover your entire hair. Also fold your scarf down, behind the head and over the ears. Try to crisscross your triangle ends of the scarf just behind the head and pull its ends over the head. At last secure scarf hair ends with a simple knot which will maintain the hair weaves safe during the night.

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