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Steps To Make Your Short Hair Braid Stay


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If you are braiding the hair it must be at least three inches long to get it done perfectly. Even after creating the braid with your short hair, it is important to make it stay in place. There are few ways that can help to make your beautiful braid stay on your hair for a long time. The following technique will help to maintain the braid for a long time even if you have a short hair.
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First mist the hair with water which will prevent the hair from getting away from your hand during the braiding process. The wet hair will also keep all the strands in place and your braids will also get more hold without having any flyaways. Now take a rubber band to secure all the hair together in place which will keep the braid in place without any slips. At last mist the braid with a de-tangle hairspray or you can also apply a little amount of hair gel over the braid. This will help to make your braid stand stiff in place without any strands coming out of your hairstyle. Most importantly if you use a de-tangling hairspray, the hair can be easily controlled once you take the braid out of your hair. Be careful while pulling your hair together before creating the braid as you may cause damage to the hair. Also avoid using hair clips to secure the hair as it can be hard on it.

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