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Creating Hair Curls Using Steam Curlers


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Steam curlers are known to be a best tool for creating curls in your hair. This tool provides moisture when compared to heat in other curling tools which can prevent damage to your hair. Here is the best way to use the steam curlers on your hair without getting it damaged.
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Start the process after cleaning your hair a day before using the steam curlers. Then make a simple part in your hair from the middle of the head and pull out  two inch thick hair part over top of the head on your first part. Then wrap your hair tips around the steam curler for rolling it towards the scalp. Secure your hair with the help of curler clip and do the same on the remaining part of your hair. Always start your styling process from top of the head to make it easy and then move to the middle part of your hair before ending it with the hair ends. Once you have used the steam curler on your hair, leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Then you can take the curler clip out of your hair section gently using your hands. Now you can comb your hair with the curls using a soft brush and mist it with a hairspray only if required. The hairspray will add more hold into your hair, but it can look slightly unnatural.

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