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Maintaining Your Cornrows Healthy


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Having healthy cornrows can help you to maintain it in the same way for a long time. The cornrow is a type of hairstyle that was worn by particular people in the earlier days, but in the present day most of the men as well as women like to style their hair in this way. To maintain your cornrows healthy you can follow this technique.
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First you must keep the cornrows moisturized along with the scalp and use natural product to do this process. You can also use olive oil to get the cornrows moisturized and try to apply it slightly over the hair to prevent weighing. While going to bed in the night, try to cover the head with a cap to prevent split ends. Try to cover the cornrows by wearing a hat if you are going out of your home during bad weather conditions and you can also use extra moisturizer to protect your cornrows from weather exposure. Don’t forget to condition your cornrows with a leave-in conditioner and massage it over the hair very gently from top to end. Stay away from hairstyling tools such as comb as there is no need for the cornrows to be brushed as any time. Also don’t pull your cornrows to much while adjusting it with your hand as it can make them become loose or frizzy and sometimes even cause breakage.

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