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Using Short Hair To Create Mini Buns


short hair mini bun short hair mini bun2
Creating a mini bun is a very easy process if you have a medium to long hair. But if you are planning to achieve the mini bun with short hair, it is possible by following the right hairstyling methods. You must be ready to spend more time to create this hairstyle at home without getting support from a hairstylist. This hairstyle can also help in keeping your entire hair in place. You just need to known the process twisting your hair using your hands in order to get mini buns over your head.
short hair mini bun3 short hair mini bun4

short hair mini bun5 short hair mini bun6
To begin your styling first you need to create three sections in your hair. Then take the first section from the right section and try to twist it using your hands. Make sure to twist the hair till it gets wrapped into a small button. Use few bobby pins to keep this part of your hair in place and you can also try to secure it using straight pins. Now pull out the second section of hair and follow the same method that was used in the first section to create the twisted hair. Use more bobby pins to keep this part of the hair in place. There will be third hair section left out in your head which must be twisted again in the same manner like the first two section and secure it using the bobby pins.

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