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Hairstyle With Texturized Waves


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Creating waves in your hair with texturizer can give a beautiful look and it can be a perfect hairstyle for special occasions. This hairstyle can be created with some of the most simple styling techniques. Go through these steps in order to get this hairstyle done at home and try to purchase texturizing spray before starting the process.
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First comb your hair when it still slightly wet after the washing process and use texturizing spray to mist the entire hair. Make sure that the hairspray covers the hair strands completely as it is important to this for your styling. Then bend your head down and scrunch the hair using your fingers which can help in creating a shape in your hair. Now take two inch hair section after creating a part in your head and try to wrap it in your finger to make them twisted. Try to wrap the hair by moving towards your scalp and secure it using bobby pins. Use the same type of wrapping process all over the head with your hair and secure them using more bobby pins. Next cover the head with a cap and go to bed with it. In the morning you can remove your bobby pins from the hair and using your fingers to brush them. Use a hairspray to maintain the hair waves in its original shape and you can just enjoy with your new hairstyle.

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