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Styling Black Hair With Pin Curls


pin curl black hair pin curl black hair2
Pin curls can be a great way of styling your hair if it is done with a proper method. Most of the people like to create pin curls in this hair and mainly those who have black hair. There are many celebrities who have black hair and they would like to create the pin curls in them. Here is a way of styling your black hair with pin curls. You can achieve this hairstyle without using any type of tools to prevent damage to your hair.
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Before starting to create the pin curls in your hair, make sure to purchase few items that must be used for the styling process such as comb, pins and hair clips. Then try to section your hair which will be used to create the pin curls and secure the hair that is not used for the curling process to the side of your head using the hair clips. Now pull out a hair part from the section and start rolling it around your fingers to make it in a circular shape. Next try to secure the curl in your using near the base. You can just wrap your hair around fingers in a circular motion to make it look like a bun and secure it using a hair pin. Use this technique on the remaining hair parts all over the hair to create the pin curls.

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