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Creating Curls In A Curl Resistant Hair


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Having a curly hairstyle can give a very amazing experience, but those who want to create the curly look in their hair must follow a styling technique or got to a hairstylist. Most of the people will have naturally curly hair, but other who doesn’t have a curly hair must create it. Some of the people will have curl resistant hair that is difficult to curl. Just follow this simple technique to create curls in a curl resistant hair.
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As usual wash the hair, but don’t forget to use a volumizing shampoo and avoid using the hair conditioner. Next brush your hair when it still damp and spread a generous amount of mousse all over the hair. Then comb your hair again gently using the same brush to make the mousse distribute to entire hair from to top end. Use a hair dryer to make your dry, but try to maintain it slightly damp. Now mist the entire hair with a hold hairspray from top to bottom of your hair and start using the hair dryer once again over your hair. You can brush the hair during the drying process to prevent your hair from getting frizz. Now use a curling iron with high setting to create the curls in your hair and this process can take a little longer, but you can achieve beautiful looking curls at the end of your styling process.

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