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Using Chalk To Color Your Hair


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A chalk is one of the best product to color your hair at home without any concern. It can be used along with a sponge and other tools to make your hair colored without getting it damaged. There are also other hair coloring product that is used for coloring your hair, but you must follow a proper instructions to complete your styling. But using a chalk it is possible to color your hair as you wish. You can change the color of your hair within few minutes while using the normal chalk.
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First get the chalk which must be the color of your desire and try using different types of chalk colors for styling your hair. Then take the sponge and try to saturate it at one side using the chalk. Now pull a hair strand which can be about 2 inch thick and place the sponge over it. You must move the sponge from the end of your hair and move towards the scalp. Try to stop the sponge 1 inch away from your scalp to prevent it from entering into your scalp. Do the same on the remaining hair strands all over the hair. You can color your entire hair with the chalk by following this method and even stop it at the middle of your hair. There is also special chalk product available in the store that features sponge in it for coloring your hair at home.

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