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Hairstyle With Short Micro Braid


short micro braid short micro braid2
While creating a short micro braid you must follow a particular method to make it look good. Most of the people like to create micro braid in their hair to get a unique look, but they will have problems in their hair is short. By following this method anyone with short can create the micro braid, but make you have at short to medium length hair. Go to a hairstylist to get some additional tips while creating the short micro braid in your hair at home.
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First collect a section of hair after deciding the size of your braid. But the micro braids are usually small in size, but you can decide about them. Then create a three section of hair and try to intertwine braids over another in one section of your hair part. Make sure to braid the hair till its end in each section and if you like try to stop the braid in the middle of your hair before brushing the loose hair. Try to create three different sections in each of your hair section and there is no need for them to equal in size. Try to create the braid as tight as possible so they stay in place for a long time. After ending your braiding process, try to mist it with a spray and if needed you can also tease them with a normal comb.

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