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Styling Wand To Create Curly Hair


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Creating a perfect looking curly hair can be difficult to achieve without getting a support from hairstylist. You must also be ready to spend time to create the curls as you will be using the curling iron to do this. Here is a simple method to create curls in your hair using the styling wand.
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First take the curling iron with medium heat setting for a thin hair and maximum heat setting for a thick hair. Brush your hair fully to make it tangle free and mist the entire hair with heat-protectant hairspray which can help in preventing your hair from getting damaged with the heat produced by the curling iron. Now take top of your hair part separately and secure it using hair clip. Next pull the hair section at the bottom of your head for the styling process. Take the hair section from one side of the head outside as per the size of your curling iron barrel. Place your hair in between the iron barrel and secure it horizontally over the head. Make sure that the clamped angle of your hair in as the hair will become curly in the same direction. To make spiral curls in your hair, you must clamp the hair facing parallel to the head. Let the curling iron stay on the hair for about 5-8 seconds to set the curl before removing it and do the same on the top part of your hair.

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