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Chi 44 Iron Guard And Its Importance


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Chi 44 Iron Guard can be used on the hair before using any type of heat styling tools during the hairstyling process. This is one of the best hairsprays that can prevent the heat from entering into the hair shaft to stay away from damages. It is important to use this product on your hair in a proper way before using any of the styling tools such as flat iron, curling iron and more. Wash your hair before using this spray over it and don’t forget to dry the hair as it is not recommended to use the Chi 44 Iron Guard over damp hair.
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Before using this product over the hair, first try to comb it completely from top to end as it can help in spreading it evenly all over your hair strands. Try to mist the hair with the Chi 44 Iron Guard by keeping it at least 8-10 inches far away from your hair as it must not get saturated with the hair strands. You must also keep this product away from your scalp as you will not be using the heat styling tools over the head. Make sure that the hairspray is completely dry before using the heat styling tools over your hair and avoid using it if you find the hair is still damp. Now you can use the heat styling tools over the hair by following a proper technique without being worried about getting the hair damaged.

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