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Natural Ways To Prevent DHT Production


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DHT is also known as metabolite dihydrotestosterone is one of the main reason behind hair loss. This normally occurs due to enzymes in your scalp receives testosterone where the hair growth gets interrupted. It is important to reduce the production of DHT to prevent hair loss.
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The first option is consuming green tea tablet as it features flavonols as well as catechins that can keep the DHT under control. You must take at least 2 tablets before having your meal to make it work effectively. The next option is eating soybeans as it is known to feature isoflavones that reduces the DHT production. Try to east minimum of 4 dishes during the week which features tofu as it is known to contain more number of isoflavone. Another option is applying pumpkin seed oil over the scalp at least for 2-4 months. Try to spread this oil over your head before going to bed in the night to prevent the DHT production. You can also consume saw palmetto capsule to prevent DHT as it can provide lot of proteins to the hair follicles making your hair strong. Take this capsule at least twice a day to make your treatment effective. The final option is nettle tablet which can be consumed on daily basis to reduce the DHT. The nettle tablet is a herb that contains lot of healing properties and can make the hair thick.

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