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Steps To Remove Black Rinse From Afro Hair


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Black rinse is one of the simple process that can help to add more shine into your hair along with a rich look. The rinse can stay on your hair for about 6-8 weeks and you must follow a proper method to maintain the hair in this manner. Those who have used black rinse on the afro hair must take extra measures to take it out of the hair. Try to visit a hairstylist to treat the black rinsed hair or just follow this technique.
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First purchase a shampoo that features sodium lauryl sulfate to wash the hair. This shampoo can be harsh to your hair and even take the moisture from hair. While using this shampoo try to massage it over the hair gently and start from to bottom of your hair. Try to rinse it with normal water and condition the hair as usual. You must try to wash the hair on regular basis as frequent washing can help in removing the color out of the hair very soon. Give your hair hot oil treatment to maintain the moisture in your hair and it can also remove the color deposit out of the hair. Use your fingers to spread the hot oil over the hair and leave it on for about a minute before getting the entire hair rinsed. Use a normal shampoo to wash your hair once it is treated with hot oil.

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