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Hairstyle With Small Single Braid


small single braid small single braid2
Small single braid is a hairstyle that can give a very different look. This hairstyle is completely different from the normal hair braid that is worn by most of the people. It is one of such hairstyle that can make you look attractive. To get small single braid hairstyle, you must clean the hair by washing it using a normal moisturizing shampoo before applying a hair conditioner.
small single braid5 small single braid6

small single braid5 small single braid6
Then rinse the hair to remove the conditioner and brush it from top to end. Make sure to use a mirror during the styling process to create the braid in a proper way. Then take a small section of hair about one inch and spread a small amount of gel all over it. Now pull out two hair parts in your one hand and one part in other hand. Keep the hair in the right hand between the two hair parts over the left hand and take the two parts which are at the right side of your right hand. This will leave one piece remaining in your left hand. Keep the hair part in your left hand between two parts of hair in the right hand. Collect the two part of hair near the left hand side and you will have one part of hair in the right hand. Continue this process all the way to the end of your hair and use hair band to secure it in place.

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