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Miley Cyrus With Dragon Ball Z Style


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Miley Cyrus is wearing a hairstyle like Dragon Ball Z which can be a perfect choice for those want to make them look unique. In this hairstyle the hair will be spiked with the help of few styling tools. Here is a technique to achieve this type of hairstyle at home. You must have at least medium length hair to get this hairstyle and those who have lengthy hair must get the proper haircut before starting their styling process at home. The hair must also be fully straight to make the styling easy or make it straight with a straightening tool.
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First take small hair sections which must be about three inches long and secure them with ponytail holders. There must be lot of three inch sections all over the head and take one of the section for styling process. Now keep the hair section straight up away from the scalp and start brushing it with the comb. Mist this hair section and apply a small amount of glue over it from top to end. The hair section will look like a spike now which must be dried with a hair dryer. Do the same with the remaining hair parts all over the head that has been secured with the ponytail holder. At last mist the entire hair sections that have been spiked with a spray to make them stay in place for a long time.

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