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Attaching Bangs To Hair Weaves


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Most of the people would like to create beautiful looking bangs in their hair, but they will not like to cut their hair. For such people there is another option such as wearing hair weave with bangs. You can just purchase a hair weave from the store and attach bangs to it. There are also celebrities who style their hair in this way to achieve the bangs without touching the natural hair. Before starting the styling try to purchase few styling tools such as hair comb, extension glue, headband and scissors for cutting the bangs at the end of your styling process.
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First you must cut the hair weft to make it stretch from one temple to another and place a small amount of extension glue on top of your weft. Try to press your hair extension against the glue in front of over the underside of your headband. Keep the weft for 1 minute to make the glue to dry and to the same all around the headband. Next comb your hair away from the forehead to place the headband in front of the hair just behind the ears. Now the bangs in your hair extension will hang over the eyes which must be cut across to make it look even. You can easily wear and remove the bangs out of your head at any time by following this simple method.

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