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Making Your Straight Hair To Grow Out


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Making a straightened hair to grow out to get the natural texture back in your hair is not so easy as you must have lot of patience. Usually the hair grows about half inch in a month, but you can follow some of the styling process to make your hair look beautiful till it grows back.
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Always wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo and use only cold water to rinse your hair to prevent the dryness that occurs when your wash it with hot water. Once the hair get washed with the moisturizing shampoo, try to apply a little amount of moisturizing conditioner all over the hair and leave it for about five minutes to get it rinsed again with cold water. You must comb the hair with wide-tooth brush and first brush the hair ends before moving towards the scalp over your head. Don’t forget to cut the hair at least once in a month by going to a hairstylist or you can also do it at home if possible. This will help to get rid of the straightened hair and new hair will start to appear out very fast. Make sure to create a braid in your hair when it is still wet and once your hair becomes dry try to brush it with a comb. This will help to make your hair look even throughout without any difference between the new hair and straightened hair.

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