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Dealing With Green Turned Brown Hair


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Most of the time when you are coloring the hair with brown dye, there are chances that it can turn your hair into green color. There is no need to worry as it is a very usual problem faced by many while coloring their hair. There are ways to treat this problem without going to hairstylist.
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First brush the hair to make it free from knots and divide it into four parts such as one horizontally, one vertically and two separately. Now take 2 oz color in a bowl and mix 2 oz 10 volume developer. Pour this mixture in a bottle and start shaking them with your hands to make them mix perfectly. Next wear hand gloves and try to apply the mixture from the bottle over the hairline of the hair section that was divided. You must use your fingers to spread the mixture over your hair and make sure to apply it over base of your hair just against your scalp. Keep on applying the mixture over the hair part until it gets completely covered with the color. Use this method to apply the color over the remaining hair parts. Once your entire hair gets covered with the color, leave it for about twenty minutes and rinse the hair using warm water. You must rinse the hair till the water coming out of the hair looks clean. End the process by washing your hair with shampoo and apply a hair conditioner.

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