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Steps To Trim Braided Hair Ends


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Braided hairstyles that are worn for more than 6-8 weeks will need some adjustments as the hair ends can get damaged. In this case you need to trim the end of your hair as soon as possible by visiting a saloon. Going to a hairstylist can be time consuming and it can also be expensive, so it is better to cut the braided hairstyle at home. You can just use normal haircutting scissors to cut the braided hair by using a simple rubber band.
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First divide the braid as usual and to create layered effect, try to make a simple center part. Mist the braid section with water which needs to be cut and secure the each braid that needs to cut separately. Use small bands around the braid over the place where it will be cut at the same time. In case you have more than one braid, try to use separate bands to secure them. Maintain the length of each braid same to get an even look and if you don’t care about the length of your braid, just wrap the rubber band casually. Start cutting the braid using scissors and decide whether you are going to cut the braid over or below the rubber band. Once you have cut the hair ends, try to wear the rubber bands for few days as it can make the braid look secured.

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