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Ponytail With Bumped Bang


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Creating a ponytail with bumped bang can give an interesting and great look for anyone with medium to long hair. This hairstyle can be worn for different occasions such as casual, formal and many more. Many celebrities wear this style and it can look great if you match it with a perfect outfit.
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First comb the entire hair from top to end with a brush to make it tangle free and apply a small amount of smoothing serum all over. Don’t proceed with your styling with using the smoothing serum as it will make your hair look frizzy. Now pull the hair that will be used to create the bumped bang separately. Then brush the remaining hair behind your head and place it one place. Use normal hair elastic to create the ponytail with the hair that is at the back of your head and use the elastic that looks similar to the color of your hair. Now keep the Velcro roller below the bangs before using a blow dryer over it to make them set. Once the Velcro roller becomes cool, try to take them out of your bangs gently. Next lift your bangs for combing it near the root to add more volume in it. Comb the hair down near the root with fine-tooth hair brush and mist the entire hair with a spray to maintain the bangs in place.

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