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Hairstyle With Beehive Updo


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Beehive updo is a unique hairstyle that is worn by many celebrities. Anyone can wear this hairstyle for any occasions, but the hair must be lengthy enough to create the updo. Before starting the styling process, you must purchase few styling items such as fine-tooth comb, hairspray, hair clip and bobby pins.
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As usual begin your hairstyle with a dry hair and create a simple horizontal part over your head with the hair from one ear to another. Then secure the hair on top of the head with the hair clip to prevent it from falling over the bottom half of the hair. Now take the bottom hair and try to twist it from the root vertically towards back of the head. Secure the twisted hair with bobby pins. In case you find some of the left out while moving towards the top of your head, use them create a simple bun and secure them with more bobby pins. Now take the top part of the hair that was secured earlier and brush them from end to top of the head. Mist the hair section with hairspray which will add more volume into it. Try to create the round puff with the sprayed hair with your hands and secure the hair ends under the bun. Use bobby pins again to secure this part of your hair and mist the entire hair with generous amount of hairspray.

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