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Methods To Take Rust Out Of Hair


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Rust hair is very common when you have a blonde hair and this usually occur while washing the hair with well water. The content of iron present in the well water will make your hair to look rusty. Even though this is not a permanent problem most of the people will get worried. Here is a simple way to take the rust out of the hair.
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The first option is using lemon juice along with tartar cream. To do this, take lemon juice and tartar cream in a bowl. Try to mix both these products evenly in the bowl and spread it on your hair before entering into the shower. Let the mixture stay on your hair for about ten minutes and rinse them gently with normal water. The next option is using blue shampoo to remove the hair rust. For this you have to purchase a blue shampoo as well as baking soda and wash your hair with it. First take 1tbsp shampoo in your hand and mix it with the shampoo. Apply the mixture over the hair gently before rinsing it with water and also use a blue conditioner to maintain your hair soft. The simple way to prevent the rust in hair is to avoid using hard water on it. To do this try to install water filter on the tap that will stop iron in the water that is used for washing your hair.

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