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Straightening A Curly Hair Overnight


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Making the hair look straight is a very simple process that can be done by visiting a hairstylist and it can also be done at home with some styling tools. Most of the people would like to make their hair straight by sitting at home as going to a saloon can be time consuming and costly. Here is a simple method that can be followed at home to create beautiful looking straight hair with curly hair overnight.
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First take two inch hair at the back over the top of your head near the crown. Now take jumbo roller for rolling your hair section into it and secure it using hair pins over the head. Make a simple part with the help of a brush at the right side over the head which must be about one inch over the ear. The same part must go till the middle of the head at the back. Take the left out hair just below this part and keep it tight behind the head. Use the brush to comb this part of hair again and clip it to the head in every two inches. Continue to wrap your hair below your jumbo roller all the way to the left side of the head. Now pull out the hair from the left side for combing it again and wrap it on the head. At last use a scarf to cover the entire head and go to bed with it.

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