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Using Henna To Color Grey Hair


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Henna is one of the best natural product for coloring the hair. This is the best option to change the color of your hair without using any chemical products. By applying henna for coloring the grey hair just follow this simple method. You can also make your grey hair look soft ad shiny after using henna over it.
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First take good quality henna and mix it with lemon juice in a bowl. Mist the bowl of mixture with water to make for paste like substance. Place a lid over the bowl and cover the bowl with dark cloth. Leave it in place overnight and you can also leave it for long time foe effective result. Once the hair color is ready in the bowl, wash the hair as well as apply a hair conditioner. Then comb the hair once it gets dry and cover the shoulder with a waste cloth. Apply a styling lotion around the hairline to prevent it from entering into your skin over the face. Wear hand gloves and apply the mixture from the bowl all over the hair. Make sure that the entire hair get covered with the henna mixture and wrap the head using plastic cap. Leave the henna mixture over your hair for about 4-5 hours before getting the hair rinsed with normal water. Apply a hair conditioner and style the hair as per your wish.

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