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Hairstyle Like Spider Web


spider web hair spider web hair2
Spider web type hairstyle is a very unique way of styling the hair and it is also considered to be very difficult to create. But you can also wear this hairstyle for different occasions such as sports. Try to consult a hairstylist to get this hairstyle in a perfect shape.
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First create two sections such as top as well as bottom. Now take the top hair section and divide it into four parts. Secure each of these sections with hair elastic and take the bottom hair section and create a simple part straight down towards left side over the head. Divide your hair from the left part as three sections and keep them secured with hair elastic. Now use these sections to create a ponytail and do the same with the other part of your hair which is left on the right side.  Take the right section to create a part between first and the second section on top of your head. Try twisting the hair which comes out of the miniature ponytail so it stands out as you gather the loose hair to the left of the part, along with the hair in the ponytail together and secure them with mini elastic. Use this technique on your sectioned hair over top of your head. Take the hair from left side with three sections and twist it till the end and try to under twist the third part and over your fourth section to create the basket weave.

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