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Steps To Recondition Your Fried Hair


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A fried hair can give a dull look to your hairstyle and they can also easily break. Most of the hairstylist will treat this type of hair with a reverse process, but they will be costly. There is no guarantee that your fried will improve after this treatment. Here is a way to recondition the fried hair at home without consulting a hairstylist.
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First you must assess the hair to look for split ends, frizzy hair and dry hair. When you have a fried hair, stay away from all the styling products that feature chemicals such as hair straightening, coloring and others. Avoid washing the hair on regular basis as it can make them look fried. Try washing the hair with a normal shampoo once in a week and get a pre-conditioning treatment on your hair twice in a month. Don’t use the styling tools that produce heat such as blow dryers, hair combs and hot rollers. You must also avoid going out in the sun and if you want to go out try to cover the hair with a scarf or you can also apply a sun protection cream. Maintain the length of your hair as short as possible to prevent severe fried hair. Always rinse your hair with warm water after applying a hair conditioner that is mild. Dry the hair with normal towel without applying pressure from your hand.

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