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The Process Of Brazilian Hair Straightening


Brazilian straightening can make your hair smooth as well as straight, but the chemical used during this process can give hard time for your hair. It is not recommended to use this Brazilian straightening technique on regular process. This straightening process in for only temporary which can last up to 3 months in your hair. The hair will get treated with keratin in this treatment and then flat iron will be applied over your hair cuticle. It is important to know how many times you can undergo this Brazilian straightening process.

Most of the hair straightening process can be done in your hair when the hair loses its straight look. But the Brazilian straightening can be done in your hair only twice and the second treatment is done once the first treatment gets out of your hair. The keratin used in Brazilian straightening treatment is normally applied all over your head and not only over the hair which is the most basic process in this hair straightening process. But according to few hair specialists, this hair straightening can be reapplied over your hair within a gap of 4-6 weeks. Once you use this straightening technique over your hair, during the first 3-4 days you must give extra care to your hair. You must not wash the hair and leave it loose without securing it with the clip. Make sure that your hair doesn’t get wet with water or even sweat during the initial days.

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