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Dealing With Synthetic Hair And Tangles


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Synthetic hair is used to make wigs and extensions that are known to be very less of cost. But while treating this type of hair you must make sure to put some additional care as you cannot deal with it just like the natural hair. Here are few tings that must be followed while caring for the synthetic hair without any tangles. It is also possible to treat your synthetic hair at home without any help.
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First was it with a wig shampoo using cold water and don’t use your hands while doing this. Just merge the hair into the water for few minutes and rinse it normally. Then dry the hair without using any hairstyling tools as they can cause damage to them. Try to blot it with a normal towel and avoid putting pressure with your hands. Mist the synthetic hair with sheen hairspray once it gets completely dry and comb it using a wide-toothed brush from top to end. Don’t use other hair combing tools as they can cause serious damage to the hair apart from the tangles. Try to comb the hair in sections so that it can make your work easy. Most of the people are aware of tangles in your synthetic hair, so they just use a mild shampoo to wash the hair and mist it with a silicon spray which is one of the best way to do it at home.

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