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Steps To Create Curls In Kanekalon Hair


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A kanekalon synthetic hair is normally used as extensions and it can be worn by anyone. Usually this hair will be available in different style and purchasing it in various styles can be costly. So you can just purchase the standard kanekalon hair and try to curl it at home with these following steps.
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First take kanekalon lock to wind it around the salon rod before securing it using rod fastener. You can try using thin rod to create tight curls and large rod to achieve loose curls. Next insert the rod with kanekalon lock inside the bowl with hot water for fifteen seconds. Then take the rod out of the bowl with hot water and try to blot it using a normal towel very gently. Once the kanekalon gets fully dry on its own, take it out of rod fastener. Try to unwind the Kanekalon lock from the rod and it will look all curly. Use the same method on the hair sections part by part to prevent any damage to the kanekalon hair. Now you can apply it over the hair and style it as per your wish. The hair will stay in the same structure for a long time if you maintain it in a proper way. You can style it as per your wish without using any hot styling tools as it can damage your hair very easily.

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