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Ways To Wash Straight Kanekalon Hair


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Washing a straight kanekalon hair can be a difficult process as it can get damaged during the process. There is no need to consult a hair specialist for washing the kanekalon hair, but you can do this at home by following these simple steps. It is important to wash the kanekalon hair once it is worn for about 4-5 times to maintain it in proper condition without causing any serious damage to it.
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First comb the hair with wide-toothed brush and use lukewarm water to dampen the hair. Then use a small amount of baby hair shampoo in your hands and spread it over the hair gently. Leave it on your hair for about fifteen minutes and rinse it as usual using cold water. Now apply a small amount of hair conditioner that has been specially developed for using it over the kanekalon hair and leave it on for about five minutes. Next you can rinse the hair remove the conditioner out of it with the help of cold water. Try to dry the kanekalon hair using a normal towel with your hands and you can also leave the hair to dry on its own.  Avoid using styling products that causes heat as it can damage the hair permanently which cannot be treated again. Make sure to apply the shampoo over the kanekalon hair in downward motion which is a perfect way keep the hair in proper way without getting it damaged.

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