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Steps To Clean Toyokalon Extensions


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Toyokalon extensions have been used as an alternative to your natural hair to create the braids. Most of the people like to use these toyokalon extensions along with their hair, but they face a major problem while cleaning it. Don’t wear the toyokalon extension on your hair without cleaning it for a long time. Here is a simple way to clean the toyokalon extensions without going to saloon.
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First mist the end of your toyokalon extension detangling hairspray and try to brush the curled section at the end of your braid using a wide-toothed brush to make it free from tangles. Avoid putting pressure with the brush while combing the extensions. Now take 5 parts of water in a bowl and mix shampoo 1 part of mild shampoo in the bowl. Try to mix them well and leave it for about 10-15 seconds. Then stir the bowl with a spoon for a minute and leave it for few seconds. Now apply the product from the bowl over your hair and try to gently massage it using your fingers. Next rinse the hair as usual and dry the hair with a towel. Avoid using any type of heat styling tools over the hair extensions as it can cause serious damage to it. Try to take the moisture out of your extensions without applying pressure on it. Finally leave the toyokalon extension to dry on its own for some time and apply it over your head in the next day.

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