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Kat Graham With Genie Ponytail


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Kat Graham is wearing a beautiful genie ponytail that is a simple hairstyle perfect for those who have a long hair. It is very easy to get this hairstyle as you must follow the same procedure that is used to create the standard ponytail, but the only thing you must know is the ponytail must be placed over the top of your head. Many celebrities also style their hair in this way as it can be easily created also maintained without using any special products. Begin the styling process with a dry hair and if your hair is washed on the day of styling try to mist the roots using dry shampoo.
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To get Kat Graham style, try to comb the entire hair to make it free from the knots and make the hair to fall in front of the head while brushing it. Those who have short hair can also create the same look, but they must use hair extensions along with their natural hair. Next move the hair in its natural position and try to comb it once again using the same brush. Keep the hair in your hand and try to wrap it with normal hair elastic. Next pull out a small lock of your hair from loose section in the ponytail for wrapping it gently around base your an elastic that is used to secure the ponytail in place. Make sure to tuck your hair ends under the elastic to end the styling process.

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