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Using Butter On Dry Hair


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Dry hair is one of the reasons of damaged hair. The hair which is dry can be identified by split ends, frizz strands and fried look in your hair. There are hair products that can prevent the dry hair, but you can also get the same result by using natural product such as the butter. To use the butter for treating dry hair just follow this simple steps.
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To begin first purchase a normal butter from the shop that is used regularly. Now open the packet of butter and cut small amount from it which will be used on the hair. Leave the butter to become soft that will make your process easier and avoid using the butter when it still hard. Now take the soft butter and gently spread it over the hair strands from top to end. You can use your fingers to spread the butter throughout the hair just like applying the hair conditioner on the strands. Next take the shower cap and try to cover the hair and leave it for at least 30 minutes to achieve the best results. Once you take the cap out of your head, try to wash the entire hair with normal shampoo. Rinse the hair as usual with water and shampoo wash the hair once again if you find the remains of butter in it. Make sure that the butter gets removed from the hair strands completely to end the rinsing process.

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