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Steps To Add Volume To Your Hairstyle


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Adding volume to a hairstyle can be a difficult process, but it is possible to this. Usually people like to have more volume into the hair as it is one of the ways to make your hair look healthy. Here is a simple method to add more volume into the hairstyle. You must get hairstyling tools such as blow dryer, Velcro rollers, hairspray and conditioner to begin your styling process. Make sure to clean your hair on the same of your styling or at least a day old washed hair.
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Start the styling with a shampoo washed hair and don’t forget to apply hair conditioner. Use cold water while washing your hair and mist the root lifting spray over your hair as it can help to add the volume into the hair very easily. Now make 2 parts in your hair which must include a top layer that must extend over the head from the ear. Use a clip to secure this hair part and dry the bottom hair with the help of a dryer. Now use a round brush to wrap this hair part in it from root to end of your hair. Next wrap your other sections from the top layer in the large Velcro rollers as it can include additional volume into the hair. Leave the bottom section as it is and then use the hair dryer over your rollers for 10 minutes.

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